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Welcome to our online photo gallery! At Terrace Rewind, our objectives are to lead industry standards in product quality through continuous development of technical knowledge, and to commit to the quality of our systems. We will also continue to take exceptional pride in the quality of our workmanship.

Rewind Machine Shop

Rewind Machine Shop

Within the Terrace Rewind machine shop, we restore housing and journals to EASA tolerances. We have two machine lathes, including one large lathe with a 52-inch swing, as well as another lathe with a 24-inch swing and 80-inch centre.

Phenix Core Loss Tester

Phenix Core Loss Tester
  • Phenix CL10A
  • Tested to 85,000 Lines per Square Inch
  • 2,000 Amps to Ensure Core Efficiency
  • Cooler Running Motor and Lower Cost for Operation
  • Infrared Scan for Hot Spots
  • Fully Computerized Reports

Phenix Motor Test Panel

Phenix Motor Test Panel


  • Variable AC Voltage (0 Volts to 600 Volts AC
  • 500 HP Motor Testing Available
  • Fully-Automated Computer Reports, Consisting of:
    • Voltage & Current on All 3 Phases
    • Temperature Readout on Drive End and also Non-Drive End
    • Vibration Levels: Horizontal and Vertical
    • Motor RPM

Bayco Burnout Oven

Bayco Burnout Oven

An environmentally-friendly, temperature-controlled burn-out process that guarantees the prevention of core loss efficiencies, which in turn lowers motor operating costs.

TIG Winding Analyzer

TIG Winding Analyzer
  • Capable of 12,000-Volt Surge Tests
  • Can Detect Failures in 3-Phase Stator Windings
  • Winding Shorted Phase-to-Phase
  • Winding Shorted Turn-to-Turn
  • Winding with Shorted Coil
  • Shorted Connection
  • Winding Damaged by Voltage Surge

Computerized Dynamic Balancing

Computerized Dynamic Balancing
  • Dynamic Research Balancer
  • 10,000-Lb, Soft Bearing Machine Capable of Graphic on Screen Balancing
  • Automatic Reporting to any Standard of Accuracy

Load Bank Tester

Load Bank

Load bank tester is capable of single-phase and 3-phase testing up to 600 volts AC at 400 KW. For more information please consult the table or call us at the shop.

Please note that Terrace Rewind is now available to test your generator in house or on site at your location. 

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